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WORKSHOPS & General Professional Development

As a private non-profit, we have successfully served Wisconsin educators for more than 20 years designing and providing professional development in both public and non-public schools.

Through high quality professional development opportunities, personalized learning, graduate coursework, new certification options, coaching and mentoring, we work to ensure that educators understand and deliver best practice and are engaged in creating next practice.

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coaching & Mentoring

WEI provides coaching at all grade levels, subject areas and topics ranging from effective instructional practices to classroom management. WEI provides support and follow-up for all interested educators. Schedule a meeting with us to explore further coaching options available to individuals and schools. Coaching can be provided on an hourly basis and coaches are determined by need and expertise.




You are always learning. Experimenting. Changing. Your path as a teacher has been a special journey unique to you. WEI supports educators with both credits and PDP planning in a simple and easy process that you are just a few clicks away from registering and completing online.

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