Certified Cyber Safety School Program

CyberCert Certified Cyber Safety

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Cyber safety, security, and values are critical components in education, future employment, and life. The increasing importance of these digital components has reached a critical juncture for our schools and students. To ensure that we keep our students and schools safe, we have developed a program to help guarantee teachers, schools, and districts are equipped with the best possible instructional tools for digital safety and security and understanding. This program focuses on certifying a school by helping all educators reach a level of mastery in key areas of cyber security, safety and values.  


School Levels 

  • Gold Certification:         80% or more of school teachers complete mastery content 

  • Platinum Certification:  90% or more of school teachers and the key administrator complete mastery content

  • Elite Certification:          95% or more of school teachers and all building administrators complete mastery content

Mastery Content Outline

  • Digital Safety

    • Identify risks and pitfalls of digital spaces such as chats, online gaming, and social media

    • Understand the risks associated with authenticating, geo-location, and malware scams

    • Determine ways to evaluate applications and extensions for student use

    • Promotes the 3W’s (who, what, why) of information sharing

  • Cyber Security

    • Understand the importance of passwords and be able to create strong and secure passwords

    • Identify browser and device settings that increase security

    • Identify practices and software that help monitor student activity 

  • 21st Century Values 

    • Promote global awareness and equity in digital access 

    • Understand ethics of sharing and online behavior

    • Defines and uses the PPP140 (Professional, Productive, Personal, and Social) communication strategies