Badges & Credits

WEI’s Micro-Accreditation service provides you with a way to authenticate and share your professional learning achievements. Earn digital badges when you complete our professional development courses to document your areas of expertise.


With WEI’s digital badges, learners own and control their credentials. Educators collect achievements across formal and informal settings, and Badges provide easy-to-verify evidence of mastery. Even if you don’t have time to complete another degree, our Badges can be used to communicate your skills and achievement to others, whether for compensation, licensing, professional development plan work, portfolio or perhaps finding your perfect job.


Graduate Credits


You are always learning. Experimenting. Changing. Your path as a teacher has been a special journey unique to you. WEI supports educators with both credits and PDP planning in a simple and easy process that you are just a few clicks away from registering and completing online.


WEI credits are offered through Concordia University. These credits may be transferable to Master Degree programs as elective credits (please check with your advisor.) Three of our EDGP credits equal one graduate credit. Documented evidence of learning can be provided for those needing documentation for a PDP as well.

Enrolling with Concordia University

and Accessing Your Transcripts

The first time you take a WEI class for credit, you will need to enroll directly with Concordia University. Take a few minutes to watch this video or read through these online application directions to get you started. 

Concordia University Non Degree Application
Access Your Concordia University Transcripts