Customized & Personalized

Professional development

We work with some of the most innovative teachers who are interested in pushing the frontiers of practice for unparalleled results and who have high expectations and aspirations for their impact on the learners they guide. 


Our highly trained team of instructors, presenters and national experts will customize services to meet your specific needs, timelines and budget.

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WEI can assist you with designing what your teachers need on a quick turnaround basis or in the long term over the course of several years. Our highly trained team of instructors, presenters and national experts will customize workshops and the learning experience for you. Courses are available for credit through Concordia University and can be blended, face to face, or online. Examples of workshops include but are not limited to:

  • Growth Mindset

  • Mindful Awareness Strategies

  • Trauma Informed Schools

  • Readers' & Writers' Workshop

  • All Things Google (Docs, Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, Forms, etc.)

  • Best practice instruction in all core areas

  • Aligning instruction with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards

  • Wisconsin Summative Assessment

  • Connecting best practices in reading, writing, mathematics and science to other core areas

  • Culturally Responsive Practices

  • Differentiated Instruction

  • Integrated evidence-based behavioral management/intervention

  • Personalized Learning

  • Professional Development Planning

  • Professional Learning Communities

  • Thinking Maps®

  • Anything else you can dream up.... just ask


WEI has a wide base of talented, experienced educators who are available to work individually and with small groups of your staff at your school. We offer coaching in every content area and at any grade level to increase student engagement and achievement. Highly trained content area coaches with extensive classroom experience are “guides on the side” who work with teachers to:

  • Establish fidelity and effectiveness of curriculum content and instruction

  • Establish and implement classroom management

  • Implement new school initiatives and curriculum adoptions

  • Organize, design and implement effective lessons

  • Support and follow up for professional development implementation

Coaching is available on an hourly basis or for a longer term as needed.


Technology has been (and will continue to be) characterized by rapid change and high interest on the part of learners. To see the future today, WEI provides training and professional development in 1:1 technology (Chromebooks, iPads, and more), blended, virtual and flipped learning, classroom technology integration, increased student engagement and accelerated learning.


  • Personalized Learning

  • Google Apps

  • Extending the Classroom Using Online Learning Tools

  • Makerspace in Every Classroom

  • Google Certification


WEI will help you develop strategic curriculum aligned with the Common Core & Next Generation Science Standards.


  • Apply 21st Century Learning initiatives to current curriculum

  • Common Core State Standards

  • Curriculum Mapping for K-12

  • Next Generation Science Standards

  • Professional development to support curriculum adoptions and alignments

  • Support for Build Your Own Curriculum


WEI can help teachers understand and become proficient in using data to drive instruction as a critical step to implementing a standards driven curriculum.  As testing and accountability have become part of your school’s culture, your increased knowledge and mastery is essential.  WEI can provide assistance and professional development in:


  • Scheduling and proctoring your locally developed and standardized assessments

  • Wisconsin Summative Assessment

  • Diagnostic prescriptive reading and math instruction

  • The design and use of data driven interventions for students who struggle or students who need more challenge in the learning process

  • Understanding and the use of Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), AIMSweb and other formative and summative assessment/progress monitoring tools


Parent involvement is an essential component of effective schools and classrooms. WEI can provide a comprehensive series of parent programs that we can use to engage your parents or design for your school to implement.  We design and deliver the program for you with all needed materials and resources. A sample listing of parental involvement programs includes:


  • Effectively Assisting Your Child with Homework

  • Family Math Night or Math in a Bag

  • Family Science Night

  • Helping Your Child with Reading

  • Internet Safety

  • Make & Take Activities to Increase Literacy

  • Parenting with Love & Logic


One very simple way to support your staff is by offering university graduate credit for professional development (workshops, coursework, etc.) provided by your school district/building. WEI has a long standing practice of personalizing and customizing credit options for educators and school districts. Through our partnership with Concordia University, WEI is able to provide graduate credit for educators who need it for accreditation. 


WEI can provide you with syllabus development and graduate credit at no cost to the school district and a discounted cost to the educator. The standard for learning is high and the graduate credit(s) offered can be aligned to your district’s mission, goals and outcomes. Credits are typically offered in 1, 2, or 3 credit units. 


WEI can be a trusted partner in the development of customized graduate credit options. For example, if your district offers a workshop we can design a credit option and follow up for staff, that will provide a value added experience for learning. We can extend learning and embrace project based learning with staff to create higher level outcomes for both staff and students.


Think you can’t afford WEI? We can team up with you to offer a National speaker or workshop at your school. Seats can be sold to teachers from neighboring districts, allowing your staff to attend for free - and even make a profit for your school. We take care of the marketing, advertising, and administrative work needed to make the event happen.

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