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June 27-30, 2016

Keynote: Joe Du Fore

Hamilton Middle - Van Hise Elementary School
4807 Waukesha St, Madison

Joe Du Fore - Keynote

Keynote Session
Imagine Education as it Could Be: Lives that Learn, Education that Lives, a Classroom Ahead of the Curve


Decades of multimedia, years of eLearning and social media, months of adaptive learning and mobile devices, and weeks of coding and makerspaces have snowballed into a brain-changing, paradigm-shifting megalith! How do we harness this powerful age of coalesced technologies to improve the lives of your students?


About Joe

Joe Du Fore, founder of the Exceptional Learning Academy and educational pioneer now owner of both Newline Education and Digital Publishing House LLC, started his educational career as a Biology and mathematics teacher. He then moved on to be a Professor of Education and Executive Director of the Instructional Design Center at Wisconsin Lutheran College. He now devotes all of his time to writing and traveling the world, promoting digital citizenship, literacy, immersion and creativity through digital infusion and understanding.

This TEDx presenter, self-inflicted techno-twerp, educational entrepreneur, and subpar beatboxer, spends his time consulting, motivational speaking, and helping teachers, schools and communities identify ways to best incorporate technology.